Minnesota Neonatal Foundation was born out of two realizations:  medical care is more than simply attending to physiological processes; healing can be helped or hindered by our physical and
cultural environment.

Patients who require hospitalization in a NICU are unique, as their hospitalization coincides with crucial periods of brain development.

Family presence, consistent parental caregiving, frequent skin-to-skin care, and positive
coping skills have all been shown to improve long-term developmental outcomes.

We at Minnesota Neonatal Foundation, with help from our generous supporters, strive to make improvements to the NICU environment—creating a space of healing and comfort for families during this stressful time. Through our positive impact, we help families by focusing on the heart, mind, and spirit. 

Premature babies and babies with health issues are at risk for delayed neurodevelopment and school difficulties.  Parents can be taught skills and coping mechanisms to help maximize their baby's potential.