The Adventures of Aiden!

PROBLEM: Premature birth (24 weeks)
SOLUTION: Emergency surgery
OUTCOME: A healthy little boy!

UPDATE: We were thrilled to have Rina, Tarik and Aiden join us at the 2019 NICU Family Reunion in June. They very graciously let us take a “where are they now” photo. Such a beautiful family!!

Taking a pic at the reunion was NOT on Aiden’s agenda. There was so much for this healthy, happy little boy to see and do!

Thinking about what to write is bringing back so many emotions. Sadness, anxiety, fear, but most of all happiness.

Tarik and I have been together since 2007, high school sweethearts. We've always talked about having kids. Growing up, I loved being around my cousins/siblings. Crazy huh? Normally people go crazy around their siblings and want to kill them lol, I would kill for them.

Growing up, I loved being around my cousins/siblings. Crazy huh?
— Rina, Aiden's Mom

I knew I was born to be a mom. Not just anyone's mom, Aiden's mom. Getting pregnant was definitely not as easy as some people make it seem. Tarik and I had a hard time trying for a baby after losing a few. Aiden was our miracle baby.

Rina, Tarik and their miracle baby, Aiden.

Rina, Tarik and their miracle baby, Aiden.

Born at 24 weeks and 1 day, our little Miracle weighed in at 1 pound 4 oz. I never thought I would have gone through this experience. To be totally honest, I had no idea what prematurity was until I met my son. He just couldn't wait to see the world and the people who loved him. Seeing my son for the first time, holding his tiny hand, I knew this bond would never be broken.

A week after he was born, he had a spontaneous perforation and had to have an emergency surgery.  Scariest moment of my life. He was already so tiny and already having to have a major surgery, all I could think about were the "what ifs" I kept thinking why is this happening, why us. But, then I thought God only gives his strongest soldiers the toughest battles.

Care time for Aiden and his mom.

Care time for Aiden and his mom.

I had to be strong for my little Aiden. He was such a champ. Every single hurdle Aiden was coming across, he always got over it. He definitely fought hard to be here. There were times where I thought we would lose him. He had gotten another perforation and his bowels were leaking into his system causing him to get really sick. He stopped breathing, heart rate dropped, laid there motionless. A sight I will never forget. I have never prayed harder than at that moment. Aiden opened his eyes and I knew he was telling me "I'm okay mom, I'm a fighter" and that he definitely is.


NICU life is hard. Aiden was in the NICU for 129 days. Tarik and I went every single day to see him. We never missed a day. No matter how tired we were, how busy we were, we knew Aiden needed us. Who knew someone would get so happy knowing their child pooped that day, or cried? I never thought I would get excited over poop, lol!

The NICU was our second home, nurses, doctors, and social worker, our second family. We wouldn't have gotten through this journey without them. Ronald McDonald House kept Tarik and I alive. We are so thankful for their hot meals, and rooms to stay in so we can be close to our son. It felt like a home to us didn’t feel like a hospital.

Thank God for his wonderful nurses and doctors for keeping him alive.

As for where we are now, I can’t imagine life without him. He is growing so beautifully, has so much character and fills our life with so much joy. We are very blessed to have had such an amazing support system while at Children’s Hospital.