Meet The Ponto Quads - Anna, Olivia, Morgan, Carolyn

Be Part of Their Story:


Problem:      Premature birth of quadruplets

Solution:      Medical monitoring; Learned to “suck, swallow and breathe”

Results:        Babies are hitting milestones!


Thank you to Alysson Ponto for telling the Ponto’s story:

Today is the day!

Ok, so I made it to 32 weeks gestation which is quite a feat for quadruplets.  Our baby A (Anna), stopped growing at 32 weeks which made a c-section necessary that day. It just so happened to be the Fourth of July 2017!

 All things considered, it was a straightforward birth as can be shown by the babies’ birth times – 11:01, 11:02, 11:03 and 11:04 – just like clockwork! I didn’t get to see them right after birth which was so hard. But as soon as I heard them cry I relaxed a little - LOL! 

Their 32 weeks of gestation made a difference in their birth weights: 

  • Olivia 2 lbs 11 oz 

  • Anna 2 lbs 7 oz 

  • Morgan 3lbs 7 oz 

  • Carolyn 3lbs 8oz 

Four babies in Four Minutes on the Fourth of July!!

Thankfully, I was able to produce enough milk to breastfeed /pump for them for 7 months and even donated some milk. I made a TON of milk!  

Their health was relatively good. The doctors expressed some concern about their skulls forming/closing, which they kept a close eye on. Fortunately, the girls only needed to spend 3 days in the NICU. From there they were moved to the special care nursery, where they spent a month.

Kare11 covered our story.  Check out this sweet video that was filmed in the NICU. You may see a few familiar faces and spaces!

Although the girls were healthy little rock stars in the NICU and special care nursery, it turned out that I was the one who needed a little extra medical help! One week after delivery I had to have emergency surgery to remove left over placenta. The day I went into the ER was the day Anna and Olivia were supposed to come stay with us at the Ronald McDonald House, so homecoming coming was delayed. For the record, I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ronald McDonald House.  We live a good distance from the Minneapolis NICU and this gave us a place to rest and regroup that kept us near our daughters.

It takes a village to get Quads baptized!

We did finally make it – as a family – and were released. Despite being the smallest at birth, Anna and Olivia were the first to be discharged. Morgan was next and then Carolyn, who had trouble with her suck, swallow, breathe. We were finally discharged on August 7th.

All the nurses and medical staff were wonderful. However, we did have some VERY special ones dear to our heart that we would love to celebrate – Neetah, Shiloh and Rachael.

The girls now are thriving (15 months at the time of this article), and our pediatrician cannot believe how well they are doing. 

  • Carolyn and Morgan are walking 

  • Anna and Olivia aren’t far behind 

None of them have any lasting medical issues we have only been sick once (with strep). While it’s not considered an illness, I’m here to tell you teething with 4 babies is rough!!!! Lunch is interesting on a daily basis, as well!

Being parents of quadruplets is soooo crazy. But we have a wonderful support system which helps us tremendously. Whenever we go out we get a million questions. 

We have learned patience, that is FOR SURE. And not to panic. The calmer we are the calmer the babies are.

Our advice to other families who are in the NICU now or who know they are experiencing pregnancy:

  • Listen to your nurses!!! They spend the most time with them.

  • Take breaks, go out to eat and don’t feel guilty leaving the babies for a night at home or out to eat. I think the reason we got to come home as soon as we did was because we let the doctors and nurses do their job.

  • Try and limit visitors until you are home

Happy 1st Birthday, to Anna, Morgan, Carolyn and Olivia!

Our amazing daughters are now 15 months old and growing fast.  Here is a picture from their most recent birthday on July 4, 2018. 

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