Thank You To Our Non-Profit Partners!

If you talk to a NICU parent, many will likely say that having their baby/babies in the NICU is the hardest experience they had ever experienced in their life. Nothing could really prepare them for having a premature birth or having a full-term baby born with complications. Many parents face long and lonely days in NICU watching their babies fight for their lives, recover from surgeries, learn to breathe, swallow and eat on their own.

While parents try to navigate through their new tough circumstances, from time to time they discover a care package thoughtfully left for them in their baby’s NICU room. It is usually a nice surprise and while going through those gifts and notes carefully written by strangers, the parents feel touched and thankful that somebody cared enough to collect those gifts, pack them nicely, spend time writing encouraging notes and deliver the gifts to the hospital. Most parents had never met the donor but through reading the story behind that generous gift they may feel a connection with someone who had walked that road before them.

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Who are those kind donors? Most often they are NICU parents from years before, who had gone through the NICU trauma themselves and now are reaching out to current NICU families to bring some comforts of home to the hospital along with sweet notes of encouragement, prayers and words of wisdom.

The Potato Head Project

We will have several of these non-for-profit organizations joining us at the NICU Family Reunion in Minneapolis on June 24th. They play an important role in NICU families’ hospital stays and we could not celebrate without them.

Here is a shout out to and sincere thank you for the hard work these partners do to support NICU families. We look forward to seeing you at the Reunion and are pretty sure that many NICU families will be excited to see you/meet you in person!

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