Thank You, Red Bench Bakery!

NICU Family Reunion is planned as a free of charge event for families. This would not be possible without the generous financial contributions of our sponsors. To thank them for their generosity and commitment to the Minnesota Neonatal Foundation, we would like to highlight a few sponsors with a dedicated post. Today we are delighted to introduce you to the Red Bench Bakery of Chaska.

Red Bench Bakery is a young but successful family-owned café in downtown Chaska specializing in classic American and French pastries, breads, and other sweet treats.

Red Bench Bakery is located in a historical district in a building that operated as a bakery from 1884 until closing in 2009. In 2017, the bakery was brought back to life with months of restoration and reunited the South West Metro with fresh baked pastries.

Chef and Owner, Andy Mooney, opened Red Bench Bakery after over 20 years of experience running kitchens and baking artisan bread and pastries in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, local markets and patisseries around Minnesota.  He further refined his skills at The French Pastry School in Chicago, graduating from their renowned L'Art de la Pâtisserie program in 2007.

Inspired by French technique and Midwestern hospitality, Mooney opened Red Bench Bakery in 2017 to provide the local community with a gathering place and exceptional pastries.

Whether you live close to Chaska or visiting the area, do not miss the chance to enjoy freshly baked croissants and breakfast pastries together with delicious coffee or savor artisan sandwiches and soups for lunch. And what can be better than a yummy Gelato on a hot summer day? Gelato and Sorbet are also made in-house at Red Bench Bakery!

Thank you for your support to help make 2018 NICU Reunion a huge success!